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Beautiful Image Face / Electro Body Sculpting



Ani-aging facial for women and men. A revolutionary way to safely and effectively tighten & firm the skin. This micro current cosmetic system procedure goes beyond any conventional technology as it is performed using exclusively designed facial wands. This "magic" wand glides over the treated area and emits a rental micro current to the cells, rehabilitating and firming facial muscles. The current penetrates deep into the face through connective  tissues of the skin via specific acupuncture points, thus causing increased production of collagen (by 500% per treatment) and elastin which smooths out lines and softens wrinkles. 

Electro Body Sculpting

A new safe and exciting way to work out for women and men.  This treatment helps you lose fat, lose inches, tighten skin, tone muscles, release toxins, reduce cellulite, improve circulation and strengthening muscles.  

The concept of this treatment uses advanced science technology that uses very mild electrical currents to exercise your muscles.  The machines electrical source stimulates the nerves to send these signals to your muscles to contract.

One session is equivalent to a 6-hour workout in the gym, toning, firing, and burn calories.

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